Reader matter:

I’ve seen this guy a couple of instances in which he sends me personally photos of himself (limited nude). He appears interested as soon as we chat and Skype, but the guy never has time to really see myself.

I do not wish to waste my personal time if he isn’t curious, but how carry out I’m sure without asking and appearing needy? We similar to him.

-Lynn P. (Florida)

Professional’s Answer:

Hello Lynn,

I am interested as soon as you say you have “observed” this guy maybe once or twice. Would you indicate in-person or just on the web? After that you state, “He appears curious as soon as we talk and Skype, but the guy never features time for you to actually see me personally.” Thus, i will presume the both of you haven’t came across in the real world.

Let us check out the opportunity that this guy is already connected – meaning he has a girlfriend or a wife. Possibly he is bored within his connection and in place of actually cheating on their companion, he is mentally cheating on her – along with you. Does that audio possible?

I am simply thinking that if this man was actually carrying on an internet connection because he had been interested in having it blossom into an actual commitment, wouldn’t he have done that chances are?

My personal information is this: prevent operating yourself insane and inquire this guy what their objectives tend to be. If anything smells fishy, it most likely is actually.

All the best!


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